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At 713-Abogado, our practice is focused solely on helping those injured by the actions of another person. While we focus mainly on auto accidents, our firm can help victims suffering any type of personal injury. We are prepared to take on a wide range of cases, advocating for clients who feel as though they have no voice within the legal system.

As a firm that focuses on an underserved population, the Spanish speaking community, we take our responsibility seriously and work diligently to obtain maximum compensation for their case while also providing exceptional, personalized customer service. Some firms claim they are bilingual, normally meaning they have one or two people who can speak Spanish. The entire team at 713-Abogado is bilingual, meaning that no matter who you speak to, they can provide you with the care and understanding you need and deserve during these trying times.

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If you or someone you love was injured in an automobile accident, then you’re probably going to need the assistance of a Houston car accident lawyer, such as the professionals at (713)ABOGADO, so you can pursue the justice that you deserve.

You might be wondering how you’re going to pay for repairs to your car, how you can get compensated for any lost wages, and who is going to be held responsible for handling your medical bills. We offer all injury victims a free initial consultation, so they can voice all their concerns and get answers to their questions, as we start offering our expert guidance through our skilled accident attorneys.

If you or someone in your family was injured because of a big truck accident, then be sure you have the right legal professionals on your side so you get treated with fairness. Semi-truck accident settlements are often very significant, and they are supposed to give impacted victims or their families with the compensation they probably need very badly.

Regardless of who was specifically at fault for an accident, you have to have someone making your case and fighting for your needs so you don’t get ignored by an insurance carrier. Call our truck accident attorneys of (713)ABOGADO right away to schedule your free consultation.

If you wind up getting involved in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault, you’re probably going to be left with some serious injuries that might just impact the rest of your life. You might be left wondering whether or not the accident might have been your own fault or if you’re entitled to accident compensation.

Many individuals never wind up getting a dime for the accident that they were in. The at-fault driver and their insurance carrier will do all they can to blame you, just so that you never get a dollar from either of them. You’ll need a veteran attorney to analyze your case and then pursue the compensation that you rightfully deserve. Don’t delay in taking advantage of your free consultation with (713)Abogado and our team of motorcycle accident attorneys in Houston.

Uber crashes happen a lot these days. If you are out on the town with friends or head out to a concert, then scheduling an Uber for your ride is easier than doing your own driving, finding spaces to park, and possibly even paying for them.

On the other hand, accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. If you are involved in an Uber accident, then consulting a successful injury law firm is a really good move.

Our team of attorneys here at (713)ABOGADO includes experienced and skilled Uber accident lawyers who handle such cases in Houston. If you’re involved in an Uber accident, then you might receive compensation. Out attorneys work diligently to make sure that this happens. Also, our attorneys are experienced in dealing effectively with the particular circumstances involved with Uber accidents.

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